Beauty voor haar voor hem

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The body is a machine created by nature with a perfect organization between systems and apparatuses which in the course of life suffers more or less serious problems.

The branch of aesthetics allows you to take care of less serious problems, that is all those health problems that do not lead us to death, but which still affect the serenity with which we live the day, with the help of cosmetic products.

Think of the person suffering from psoriasis, a psychosomatic problem because it manifests itself or worsens in periods of greater psychological tension. It is a blemish that appears as a reddened, itchy, slightly protuberant patch where the surface of the epidermis is dry. The person who suffers from it must resist itching, at any moment that this is activated. Then you have to take into account that the skin there is so sensitive that it tears quickly, bleeding and making the area at risk of infection. Psoriasis also takes on a psychological level since it makes the outer appearance ugly.

This client suffers from psoriasis on both hands and feet and has used calendula body cream.

With the advice of the beautician you have the possibility to improve these problems, which in the aesthetic field we call them "imperfections".

However, it is necessary to understand that certain imperfections are inevitable such as cellulite and skin sagging because our body, like everything organic, has a natural biological clock that leads it to age. Therefore it is normal that we have to take care of it from an early age, using cosmetic products at home every day and doing regular treatments in the salon.

Unfortunately, this constancy is not yet seen as an important thing, but as "something for the rich people" or, the most used excuse, "I don't have time". But you want to put the price of cosmetic products bought a little here and a little there in the hope of a result, plus the price of sports activities or activities that help to relax that would not actually be necessary, added to the price of the psychological state disheartened every time you look in the mirror and see that all this still does not give results? Trust my decades of experience to invest your time and money in the right way.

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