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Firming chest and body treatment

As the skin on the face undergoes changes over the years and stops producing collagen and elastin, the skin in the rest of the body is no different. Obviously we women are well aware that a relaxed breast does not come only from natural causes but also due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. But even in this case, visible results can be achieved.

During the treatments no invasive machinery is used, but only manual maneuvers and cosmetic ingredients that stimulate skin cell regeneration and blood circulation with the aim of keeping skin tissues young.

Do you have stretch marks on your breasts or other area of your body? The treatment is also suitable for you. Stretch marks are practically scars, but this treatment decreases their size and prevents the formation of new ones because it improves superficial and deep skin hydration which is the secret to keeping it elastic and therefore ready for a new possible change of shape.

And if the stretch marks are still pink what does this mean? What can be done? Do not wait and start immediately with the firming treatment. The rosy glow means that the skin's transformation from normal to scar tissue has not yet reached its final stage. Here, blood still reaches the skin cells (therefore oxygen) and, with the stimulating movements of the treatment, it is possible to avoid the stretch marks remaining excessively visible.

45 min € 50,-

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