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Moisturizing body treatment

The hydration of the skin is affected by several factors and, even if a person drinks the right amount of water daily, it does not mean that their skin does not need help.

First of all, nutrition plays a very important role since what we eat is the petrol of the entire human body and I'm not just talking about organs and muscles, but about the smallest part of which we are composed: the cells. In fact, the ingested food is scaled and transformed in the digestive system becoming nourishment for the cells. But if we eat incorrectly or there are digestive problems, even the hydration of the skin cells can be affected.

Body cleansers such as soap and body wash can make the skin dehydrated from the outside. Their job is to remove dirt from the surface of the skin, but to do this they are composed of ingredients that bind with it and then be rinsed away. Unfortunately, the fat produced by our sebaceous glands is also rinsed away as a whole, as well as the one that has the task of keeping our skin hydrated. As a result, our beloved skin remains "naked".

Furthermore, exposure to sunlight dries the skin. In reality, the beautiful dark complexion we assume is nothing more than the protection that the skin cells organize against UV rays. For this reason it is good to do a moisturizing treatment at the beginning of the summer and one at the end for those who are exposed to little sun. On the other hand, if you are a lover of tanning and you are under the sun almost every day, it is good to do the treatment once a month starting from late spring.

The moisturizing treatment not only has the function of restoring the level of skin hydration, but also includes an exfoliating treatment so as to eliminate dead skin cells that form naturally. After the treatment your skin will be brighter and more elastic, with a uniform rosy complexion and you will feel compact and soft to the touch.

75 min € 80,-

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