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Treatment for legs

Cellulite, swollen ankles, heavy legs, tingling at the end of the day, etc ... Whatever your problem is, it's really hard to live with!

Unfortunately, a set of factors affect the condition of our legs:

  • postural
  • genetic
  • food
  • lifestyle
  • hormonal

So none of us are excluded! But each pair of legs has their own story and therefore their personal treatment that works. Perhaps this is why 80% of women do not get the promised results or are not lasting. 

But obviously this is not your job, how can the market expect that you, alone, have the adequate knowledge to make a self-diagnosis and choose the right products? Behind an imperfection there is the knowledge of anatomy, of how the lymphatic and circulatory system works, massage courses and cosmetic ingredients. 

Have you ever thought about putting yourself in the hands of a professional to invest your money well? And by good I mean a complete treatment consisting of a massage accompanied by the application of ingredients that amplify the result, precise home advice and the right products to use at home. 

My anti-cellulite treatment is made to go to work on several fronts:

  • osmotic 
  • draining of liquids and toxins
  • stimulant of blood circulation
  • moisturizing
  • toning and oxygenating of skin tissues
  • strengthening of blood vessel walls
  • detoxifying
  • stimulant of lipolysis

And all this without the use of invasive machinery, only manual work accompanied by the experience that allows you to have a personalized treatment package.

70 min € 72,-


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