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Permanent hair removal

Permanently removing hair is an investment in yourself, in your beauty and, in the long run, in your bank account.

If we do the math, a permanent hair removal cycle costs less than a monthly waxing cycle in the whole life. Not to mention the pain!

Furthermore, this treatment is a good choice because the skin no longer suffers the stress from hair growth, which can lead to itching and dry skin. In some cases the hair even becomes incarnate, risking infection and as long as the hair does not peek out, the bacteria can happily continue to multiply.

But how does pulsed light work? The mechanism of action is based on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis, so it goes to work on dark pigmentation. The professional chooses the power of the wavelength based on the client's skin phototype, hair structure and color and pain tolerance (tingling when shooting).


Have you already done some pulsed light or laser sessions and there are still some hairs left? Pulsed light is also for you. The result will be a further decrease in the remaining hairs.



The prices are for a single session.

Upperlip                                                           € 25,-

Sideburns                                                         € 35,-

Chin                                                                € 30,-

Neck (cervical area)                                          € 40,-

Schoulders                                                       € 90,-

Armpits                                                           € 40,-

Underarm (included hand)                                 € 70,-

Complete arm (included hand)                          € 99,-

Lower or upper back                                         € 80,-

Back (included schoulders and cervical area)      € 149,-

Chest                                                              € 80,-

Belly                                                               € 80,-

Belly button                                                     € 25,-

Groin (external area)                                        € 75,-

Complete groin                                                € 98,-

Buttocks                                                         € 77,-

Half leg                                                           € 123,-

Complete leg (included feet)                             € 230,-


Face                                                                        € 68,-

Upper back + schoulders                                          € 98,-

Lower back + buttocks                                             € 129,-

Chest + belly                                                           € 139,-

Groin (external area)+ armpits                                  € 100,-

Groin complete + armpits                                         € 110,-

Half leg + groin (external area)                                 € 187,-

Half leg + complete groin                                          € 199,-

Complete leg + complete groin                                  € 247,-

Complete leg + complete groin + armpits                   € 265,-

Complete leg + complete groin + armpits + upperlip   € 274,-

Total body                                                                € 400,-

Is the area you need to treat not in this list? Contact me or write a message here under and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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