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The war against the hair is a difficult thing because the hair has three phases of growth and only during the first one is there a greater possibility of weeding it together with the bulb, with greater probability that it will not grow back. So it would be optimal to wax when the hairs are half a centimeter long.

I have found in these years of work in aesthetics that women who wax every month regularly, see a good reduction in their quantity after about ten years and are almost without it after 20 years of regular sessions.

Furthermore, most women prefer to use the spatula. They say that hair growth takes a few days longer than waxing using the roller.

The type of wax I use is azulene, which is the substance obtained from the steam distillation of chamomile. So azulene is a calming ingredient, perfect for the redness that is created due to the extirpation of the hair associated with the "pinch" caused by the tear.

If you prefer to avoid pain and redness as much as possible, you can ask to use Epilresin wax, suitable for the most sensitive skin and for those who have a low level of pain tolerance. This type of wax, called by many Brazilian, contains ingredients such as shea butter and soothing and antibacterial essential oils (such as chamomile, lavender, rockrose and tea tree).

It's spread over the area to be treated and tears when it becomes stiff. The moment it stiffens, the hair remains stuck while the wax does not stick to the skin. This is why it hurts less. Obviously there will be some pain and redness and it is due to the extirpation of the hair bulb.

Epilresin is the solution for those who have skin pores that swell extremely with the tearing of the wax with strips, or in the presence of a very sensitive skin that could "come away with the tear", such as that of the inner thigh, of the groin and mustache area.

It's possible to epilate only some areas with Epilresin wax and others with azulene wax. The price will be calculated based on the price list of the azulene wax to which it is added.


Here you can download the pricelist: Epilation with the wax

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