Beauty voor haar voor hem
natural beauty

Facial treatments

Sensitive, dry, oily or combination skin are the skin type in the face.

Various factors have an effect on the skin: food, make-up, hormones, hydratation, sun, low temperature, etc...

Beauty voor haar voor hem analyzes your skin and adjusts her products accordingly with your skin type.

Cleansing milk, tonic, scrub, serum, mask and cream, with this simple ritual you will find the freshness of your skin with a long lasting result.


Cleansing facial treatment

The skin gets a deep clean during this treatment. By using the right products and use of the steam device, the skin is well nourished and cared for. If you book this treatment regularly, your skin will stay nourished and nurtured.

60 min € 56,-

Facial treatment for sensitive, oily or dry skin

The purpose of these treatments is to improve the skin. The plant-based ingredients in the creams feed the skin, soothe blood flow (for sensitive skin) or restore the moisture balance (for dry skin) or regulate skin metabolism and sebum production (for oily skin).

60 min € 56,-

Iris treatment for sensitive skin

The purpose of this treatment is to hydrate the skin. There is extra attention for sensitive skin with more hydration and extra protection for external influences such as temperature or weather changes. The purpose of this treatment is that the skin reacts less to these extern factors.

45 min € 46,-

Divine anti-age treatment

It prevents the formation of wrinkles and mainly hydrates by using pure, concentrated  organic products. These products stimulate skin renewal improving tissue oxygenation and the regeneration of epidermal cells. The massage is supplemented with a concentrated serum or phial and a deep massage.

70 min € 66,-

Firming Kumari treatment

This treatment 
fights the signs of ageing. Therefore it is suitable for mature skin, but also younger ones. The active ingredients used for this treatment stimulate the overall tone of the epidermis which prevents new formation of wrinkels and attenuates recent ones. The skin get’s well nourished and therefore it looks more pink in color.

- face, neck and decolleté 70 min € 71,-

- face and neck 55 min € 56,-

Lightening treatment

Treatment specific to prevent the formation of skin marks and reduce existing once caused by age, sun or pregnancy. The purpose of this treatment is to interact with accumulated epidermal melanin carrying out an important depigmenting activity and normalizing skin pigmentation. This treatment has at the same time a nourishing effect and it improves the skin tone.


- per zone 30 min € 31,-
- for the whole face 60 min € 56,-

Eye treatment Netra

Treatment for the skin around the eyes which reduces dark circles and bags with a 
draining action. Therefor it moisturizes and improves the skin tone with attenuation of small wrinkels.

30 min € 30,-
in combination with a facial treatment + € 20,-



Mini facial treatment

The purpose of this treatment is to relax. I you undergo this treatment every month, you will get significantly better skin.

30 min € 35,-


Ananda anti-stress massage                                                                        + 20 min + € 15,-

     (to relax back, hands and feet for the purpose of relaxing)

Chakra's stones massage                                                                             + 15 min + € 10,-

     (including aromatherapy, treatment to balance the energyof the body)