Beauty voor haar voor hem
natuurlijke schoonheid

Face treatments

Sensitive, fat, dry or a min, these are the kind of face skin, but a lot of factors can influence them.

By Beauty voor haar voor hem, after a careful analysis, we use the best ingredients that help your skin to improve.

Cleansing milk, tonic, scrub, serum, mask and cream, with this simple ritual you will see the same freshness on your face that you didn't see anymore from long time with an effect long in the time.


Cleansing face (with steam and a mask)                                                                                60 min € 55,-

Face treatment for sensitive, fat or dry skin                                                                            60 min € 55,-

     (no steam but with two masks)

Preventive antiage treatment                                                                                                60 min € 60,-

Strong antiage treatment                                                                                                      60 min € 60,-

Lifting treatment for eyes and face                                                                                        60 min € 55,-

Lightning treatement against dark marks: -for a specific area                                                    30 min € 30,-

                                                            - all the face                                                            60 min € 55,-

Mini face treatment (cleansing, mask and massage)                                                                30 min € 35,-

       Made every month, wil significant improve the skin.