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The face tells about us, it is the first area of the body that is seen, observed and studied by the people with whom we talk every day. First you look at the eyes and then you start to pick up every little feature: the wrinkles tell about our age, the cheeks if we are excited, the mouth if we are friendly people, etc ...

Since the skin of the face is always exposed to external agents, it is normal that it needs more attention and targeted treatments than other parts of the body. The latter are protected by clothes and under the skin have greater support thanks to a more consistent musculature and a greater blood supply, consequently greater oxygenation.

Key word for having perfect facial skin: constancy.

It means that every day we have to dedicate 5 minutes to our face and regularly do treatments at the beauty center. This is the secret to having skin that looks 40 at the age of 50.

You can book a free consultation to find out which treatment program is right for you. Here I analyze the skin of your face and, after the routine questions, I explain what you need and what are the solutions.

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