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Anti-aging face treatment

Has it ever happened to you to know the age of those in front of you but the skin shows more? I bet you immediately wondered if that was the case with your face too.

It is by nature that, after the age of 30, the skin begins to produce less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the substances that support its tone and that the first wrinkles appear. But this aging process can be delayed by bringing oxygen both on the surface and in the depths of the skin thanks to techniques that non-invasively stimulate the deep and superficial blood circulation, so you can have at 50 years a skin that looks 40, luminous, toned and elastic.

Do you already have relaxed and wrinkled facial skin? These treatments are also suitable for you to improve skin elasticity, increase hydration and thin out the deepest wrinkles.

It is no longer an impossible promise to keep. Today's beauty technology has made great strides and offers cosmetic products and treatment techniques that give palpable results.

The properties of plants are well known, but if they are not combined with stimulating and regenerating treatments, the benefits will be minimal. Instead, with a course of facial treatments tailored for you, you will be satisfied with the first results already after a few sessions.

The anti-aging treatment program is also perfect against skin spots. By stimulating blood circulation and the renewal of skin cells, the concentration of pigmentation in that specific area is reduced and, consequently, the extent of the stain.

In order to best benefit from the desired results, it is advisable to associate the treatment cycle with the use of the cosmetic products I recommend. You can book a free consultation.

Anti-aging face treatment

This face and eye contour treatment aims to slow down the aging of skin cells. It involves the application of two masks, where the first cleans the skin from impurities on the surface to allow the products to be used to penetrate easily.

Pure and concentrated cosmetic products are used that give the skin the nourishment it lacks. Thanks to this treatment, wrinkles are reduced and skin tissues regain elasticity. Fruit acid peeling promotes skin cell regeneration and the manual massage stimulates blood circulation and deflates the face and eye area. The skin will be firm and with a beautiful rosy complexion. The difference is palpable already after the first session.

Instead, the eye area is treated with products created specifically for this area, because the skin around the eyes is thinner than that of the face, it needs hydration, stimulation and drainage and all this is found in this facial treatment.

90 minutes € 90,-

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