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Eye contour

The eye contour consists of a much thinner skin than that of the face and this affects its appearance from a young age, since the thinner the skin is, the sooner it gets older.

The problems that mainly bother us are bags and dark circles. The first is nothing more than an accumulation of liquids, while the second a poor blood circulation. But also external causes such as incorrect nutrition, a too short or disturbed night's rest, eyestrain after a prolonged time in front of the monitor, etc ...

It goes without saying that first of all you have to follow a healthy life, with adequate night rest time (and I mean that each of us must understand how many hours to sleep per night to be able to face the next day with energy), on the mattress that is most suitable for the our body, nourish ourselves with fresh ingredients and always vary, stay as little as possible in front of the monitor or take breaks from time to time to relax the eyes.

Cleansing the eye contour is also important. On the market we find detergents created especially for this area, which always bear the wording "delicate". Just as I said in the first line, the skin here is thinner, therefore more sensitive and must be treated delicately, even in everyday gestures such as removing make-up. It goes without saying that the cosmetic product must not be aggressive or degreasing and, above all, it must not burn when it comes into contact with the eye (this rule also applies to make-up products).

However, bags and dark circles can also be genetic and do not improve even if you lead a healthy life. The treatment at the salon aims to improve the condition of the eye contour right from the first session.


Bags and wrinkles

Dark circles and expression lines

The eye contour treatment stimulates blood circulation to provide oxygenation to the skin tissues, to eliminate stagnant liquids in order to deflate the area, taking away the accumulated toxins, and to moisturize the skin, in order to postpone skin aging.

Do you want to eliminate wrinkles and / or expression lines around the eyes? This treatment is also for you. Already after just one session, the result is visible: the expression lines are resized and the wrinkles appear less deep.

The eye contour treatment is included in every facial treatment:

Or it can be done separately 40 min € 40,-


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