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Facial treatments

When we are born our skin is perfect. It alters over the years influenced by lifestyle, diet, hormonal factors, smoking, smog, etc ... These factors make the skin of our face sensitive, oily or dehydrated. These are the types of facial skin we know, but I'll tell you more: skin can be a combination of these.

Example: A 30-year-old lady with slightly red cheek skin with papules and pustules (commonly called "pimples") on her forehead and chin. One problem can be the cause of the other because his skin can present primarily dehydration due to sebaceous glands that have difficulty producing sebum and this can also be the cause of sensitivity in addition to that of papules and pustules. Thanks to the routine questions and analysis that are made during the first appointment, I will be able to create the treatment path suitable for this client's face and give advice.

The treatments at the salon are performed without invasive or painful interventions, indeed, it will be the time of the week that you will wait to get away from it all. Book a free consultation.

Here you can read about the treatments I perform during a program. Prices may vary according to the needs of the skin. The price is communicated to you before starting the program.

Facial treatment for sensitive, oily or dehydrated skin

Intensive treatment for skin that has imperfections such as papules and pustules, dryness, redness. Cosmetic products with concentrated ingredients are used that allow the skin to regain its natural shine. This treatment can be done 1-2 times a week as an intensive treatment so that the skin improves in a short time, or once a month as a maintenance treatment (after an intensive program). In both cases, the home treatment with the cosmetic products recommended by me is strongly combined to obtain the desired result.

75 min € 75,-

Calming treatment for reactive skin

Reactive skin is sensitive skin combined with dehydration, so it needs more care than other skin types. The solution is to maintain a good level of hydration so that the skin hydrolipidic barrier can fully carry out its protective function against temperature changes, climatic agents (wind and sun) and other sources of stress. These irritants cause the epidermis to dry out and, consequently, the redness becomes accentuated.

Already after the first appointment you feel the sensation of hydration, the redness fades and the skin reacts less to changes in temperature.

75 min € 75,-

Mini facial treatment

Perfect maintenance treatment for those who have already done a cycle of specific facial treatments for sensitive, dehydrated or oily skin, or for those who want to relax for a moment. Cleansing, mask and massage: done every month, the skin of the face maintains a well-groomed and healthy appearance.

30 min € 36,-

Additions: you can add a pampering to your facial treatment

Ananda anti-stress massage                                                                                            + 20 min + € 15,-

       (presses with thumbs on the back, hands and feet)

Chakra point massage                                                                                                     + 15 min + € 10,-
       (treatment with stones to rebalance the body's energy)

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