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Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is the treatment that deeply frees the pores of impurities.

In each pore there is a sebaceous gland that produces an oil to keep the skin hydrated, which however oxidizes in contact with oxygen, smog and non-natural ingredients of cosmetic products, taking on a dark color and creating a plug that occludes the duct of the pore.

In the long run, due to the obstruction, a papule or pustule (commonly called "pimples") may originate in the pore because the sebaceous gland continues to produce oil, which accumulates without the possibility of being able to escape.

For this reason it is good to clean the face at regular intervals. But how often should a face be cleaned? It is subjective because it depends on how much oil the sebaceous glands of each of us produce. Just understand how often our face is ready to undergo the treatment.

But I can give a tip: during adolescence the sebaceous glands are very active and most young people need a facial cleansing every month, the adult person instead every 3-6 months, the elderly once a year. as the sebaceous glands stop producing oil.

Nutrition also plays an important role with regard to the skin. We all know that eating healthy helps the body eliminate toxins and keep free radicals low, but salami, non-pure chocolate, and saturated fat promote pimples and blackheads.

The wringing procedure is obviously, more or less, painful and causes redness, but using the steam the pores dilate, the dirt created is softened and it is easier to remove. The products I then apply relieve the redness until it leaves almost no trace. For me the client should NOT go out flushed.

It may happen that the dirt of some pores cannot be eliminated in one session, in this case it is good not to insist so as not to deface the treated area. Furthermore, papules and pustules cannot be treated with wringing.

80 min € 75,-

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