Beauty voor haar voor hem

natural beauty


The feet are a small part of our body but very important and we often forget about them by neglecting them.

Thanks to many small muscles, nerves and bones of which the foot is composed, we are allowed to stand, work, play sports and many other things in total freedom and autonomy.

So if the feet have a problem, the quality of our life is limited. By doing the pedicure regularly, you will forget about these limitations and find peace of mind in walking.

If, on the other hand, you like to take care of your feet but have doubts about how to file your nails or how to get soft skin on your heels, you can follow the "Simple Pedicure" course with Lisa.




Aesthetic Pedicure                                                                                                                 30 min € 30,-

Nail shortening, cutting of cuticles, removing dead skin with the rasp, massage.


Aesthetic pedicure with additions:


nail polish                                                                                                                             45 min € 40,-


semi-permanent gel                                                                                                               60 min € 54,-



Curative Pedicure                                                                                          from 45 min from € 37,- to € 50,-


Nail shortening, cuticle cut, removal of dead skin with the rasp, treatment of individual corns and / or ingrown nails, massage.



Healing pedicure with additions:

nail polish                                                                                                     from 60 min from € 47,- to € 60,-

semi-permanent gel                                                                                       from 70 min from € 61,- to € 74,-




Scrub and mask                                                                                                                + 15 min + € 8,-


Gel / semi-permanent gel removal                                                                                          15 min € 11,-



We kindly ask you to come on your first appointment with natural nails, i.e. without products made in other salons. Otherwise the appointment will be canceled and asked the payment(see the salon's rules).

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