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Nail health is just as important as skin health. We also speak with our hands and nails. They tell us who we are, our personality and lifestyle.

The treatments listed below are performed with the utmost respect for the nail plate and the integrity of the skin that surrounds it, allowing us to "play" with our nails without them being affected. In fact, in the salon the cutter is NOT used, the nail is NOT thinned and the cuticles are removed with the Curette.

The Curette is a pen-like metal instrument with rounded and hollow ends that resemble a spoon. In this way it is practically impossible to cut or irritate. First of all, the cuticle is softened with oil, then the end of the curette is gently passed until all the cuticle has been removed.

This working method is the future in the aesthetic field. Several times I have heard clients on their first appointment at my salon complain about how their nails or skin around them (called Proximal Nail Fold) have been abused. If a treatment does not satisfy many people, it must be changed!


Nail polish

The brand chosen is Morgan Taylor, an American professional line from the same house as the semi-permanent gel I use. The nail polish is applied in three steps: base, color of your choice and final polish, not only because many layers make the polish last longer, but each step has its own purpose.

The base coat protects the nail plate from nail polish pigments, which would leave the color. Passing the glaze twice allows you to have the actual chosen shade on the second pass. Instead the top coat finishes everything and protects it.

As you already know, nail polish is an air-drying product.


Manicure                                                                                                                                    25 min € 18,-

     with nail polish (base coat, color, top coat)                                                                               40 min € 27,-

     with gel-semipermanent                                                             go to the Nails with gel-semipermanent page

     with gel                                                                                                                   go to the Gel nails page

with the strenghtening nail treatment                                           go to the Strenghtening nail treatment page

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