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Nails with Gel polish

The semi-permanent gel is a nail product that lasts longer than the classic nail polish, perfect for those who want to always have beautiful nails. The manufacturers promise 2 to 3 weeks of duration, but it depends a lot on the nail itself and the person's lifestyle.


Just think that the curve of the natural nail is accentuated when it comes into contact with water, this causes stress to the semi-permanent gel. So even the simple gesture of washing your hands, which is part of our daily life, affects the duration of the semi-permanent gel. Another reason that affects a lot is the humidity of the nail itself.


I chose to use the Gelish brand because it is great value for money, offers a wide range of colors and is easy to remove. It is applied in three steps: base coat, color of your choice and top coat. It dries in a few seconds in a LED lamp and is a soak-off product, that is, it can be removed in contact with acetone for at least 10 minutes.


Classic treatment                                                                                                                        60 min € 41,-

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There is the possibility of applying a semi-permanent base in addition to the one that is already applied. In its composition there is a part of gel that makes the semi-permanent one last a week longer. It is perfect for slowly growing and / or thin nails. The application of this base coat costs € 3,-.

Semi-permanent gel removal                                                                                                        15 min € 11,-

We kindly ask you to come on your first appointment with natural nails, i.e. without products made in other salons. Otherwise the appointment will be canceled (see the salon's rules).

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