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Strengthening nail treatment


The IBX® System is perfect for nails that break easily, flake, thin, grow slowly or have suffered trauma and don't grow as beautiful as they once did. After the first treatment the difference is already palpable: touching the nails you have the feeling that they are thicker and not weaker as before.

The treatment is not visible from the outside, this product does not remain on the surface of the nail plate, but penetrates to fill the spaces between the keratin fibers of which the nail is composed. That's how it makes it stronger.


Then, on the nail, you can apply what you prefer: nail polish, gel, semi-permanent gel, etc ... Thanks to the IBX® treatment, whatever you decide to apply will have a longer duration.

The IBX® System is also suitable for those who have undergone a course of chemotherapy and have weak nails. If you are still following this treatment, you can ask your doctor if the IBX® system is also suitable for you.

You can book a free consultation to receive more information.

First treatment                                                                                                                            50 min € 33,-

with nail polish                                                                                                                60 min € 41,-

with semi-permanent gel                                                                                                  70 min € 50,-


From the second treatment                                                                                                          35 min € 28,-

with nail polish                                                                                                                45 min € 37,-

with semi-permanent gel                                                                                                  55 min € 46,-

with natural gel                                                                                                               50 min € 37,-

with natural gel refill                                                                                                        45 min € 33,-

with gel + color                                                                                                               70 min € 55,-

with gel refill + color                                                                                                        60 min € 45,-


(Each price of the IBX nail treatment includes a manicure.)


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