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The products

We prefer to use as much natural, biologic products in the salon as possible. That is why I’ve chosen for LakShmi products. LakShmi is an Italian brand passed on the Ayurveda - also known as the art of living. This Eastern way of thinking has been mixed with modern technology to provide a product that melts the inner and outer into a magical product. This not only improves the skin from the "outside" but also from "inside" with a frequent use.

Essential oils and gemstone components are used in LakShmi products. In addition, only natural additions are used. All products are organic which is stated by the Bio-Eco Certificate that is given to the brand. The products do not include tensides, silicones, acrylates and parabens. For the full list of products that (unlike most other beauty products) are not used in the products, you can visit the LakShmi site. LakShmi products are accessible and comparable - you can achieve the "spa effect" in your own bathroom.



In addition to Lakshmi, we use Gelish nail products and IBX (unfortunately these products include some chemical ingredients).

Gelish is a removable nail system with a long lasting life on the (natural) nails. We use both gel polish and nail polish from this brand. We prefer this brand because of the long shelf life and good quality of the products. It's possible to purchase small nail polish jars that customers can use to update their nails if neccessary. 

IBX is a revolutionary nail product. IBX penetrates into the nail. The product can repair damaged nails, strengthen weak nails and protect vulnerable nails.

We also use Dadi ’Oil. Dadi ’Oil is a certified, organic product. The caring oil is specially made for nails and hands to treat and care. The oil is not greasy and is absorbed quickly. In addition to Avocado, Olive and Jojoba oil, it also contains natural Vitamin E and an aromatic blend of 21 essential oils for a pleasant scent.

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