Beauty voor haar voor hem
natuurlijke schoonheid


Healthy nails are just as important as a healthy skin. Hands can speak for themselves and reveal your caracter and lifestyle.

The following treatments are made with full respect for the nailplate and the skin around, so you can use and "play" with nail products as much as you want without damaging them.

For this reason there is no e-file used in the saloon and the cuticles are being treated with a curette.

Strengthener nail treatment:

The solution for make the natural nail stronger.

It penetrates the nailplate and doesn't stay on top of it.

The first time                                                                                                    50 min € 32,-

From the second time                                                                                        40 min € 27,-

(Every price here up is inclusieve the manicure)

Nail gel:

The gel used in the salon is a strong overlay on the natural nail, but at the same time the nail plate stays flexible.

This is the only one gel doesn't need to be filed!!

Complete application (every 6 weeks)                                                                 40 min € 28,-

Refill                                                                                                                30 min € 22,-

(Every price here up is inclusieve the manicure)

Classic manicure                                                                                             25 min € 17,-


with nail polish (base coat, color, top coat)                                                      + 15 min + € 9,-

with soak-off gel                                                                                         + 20 min + € 18,-

with gel (every 6 weeks)                                                                             + 15 min + € 10,-

refill of the gel                                                                                              + 10 min + € 5,-

with gel + soak-off gel (every weeks)                                                           + 30 min + € 23,-

refill of the gel + soak-off gel                                                                       + 20 min + € 15,-

Remotion of the soak-off gel or nail gel                                                                15 min € 10,-