Beauty voor haar voor hem
natural beauty


In my salon I work with various products and I treatments. I will explain the treatments followed by a price list. For more information, feel free to contact me.

All treatments are done with great respect for the nail plate and the skin all around, so you can enjoy your nails more without damaging them. The salon therefore does not use an e-file used and the cuticles are treated with a curette.

With a manicure, your cuticles are loosened and cleaned with suitable oil, your nails filed and degreased.

Nail Polish

I apply nail polish in three staps: base coat, color of choise and top coat. The nail polish dries in the open air. The nail polish is from the brand Morgan Taylor.

Manicure                                                                                                           25 min € 18,-

     with polish (base coat, color, top coat)                                                           40 min  € 27,-

     with gel polish                                                                                             45 min  € 40,-

Nail strenghthener treatment

IBX System® is specially made for broken, damaged, thin and slow-growing nail plates. After one treatment the difference is already clearly noticeable. The treatment is adjusted to your wishes and needs. For more advice please contact me.

First treatment                                                                                                  50 min € 33,-

   with nail polish                                                                                              60 min € 41,-

   with gel polish                                                                                               70 min € 50,-

The second time and more often                                                                         35 min € 28,-

   with nail polish                                                                                             45 min € 37,-

   with gel polish                                                                                              55 min € 50,-

     with gel naturel                                                                                            50 min € 42,-

     with refill of gel naturel                                                                                 45 min € 33,-

     with gel+color                                                                                              70 min € 55,-

     refill of gel+color                                                                                          60 min € 45,-

 (All price include a manicure treatment)

Removing gel polish or gel                                                                                  15 min € 10,-

(Removal of gel polish of another nail technician can cost you more)