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Nails with Gel polish

Gel polish is applied in three steps: base coat, colour of choice and top coat. The polish dries in a LED lamp so it's immediately dry after curing. Gel polish stays on longer than regular nail polish, at least 2 weeks. The gel polish is from the brand: Gelish.

Regular treatment                                                                                             45 min € 40,-

     with IBX System® (first time)                                                                       70 min € 50,-

     with IBX System® (the second time and more often)                                      60 min € 50,-

(All price include a manicure treatment)

There is the possibility to apply a stronger kind of Gelish Base Coat. It is made from a part of gel and the gel polish lasts one week longer than normally. This base coat is perfect for nails which doesn't grow fast and/or with a weak nail plate. Apply it costs only € 3,- .

Removing gel polish                                                                                           15 min € 10,-

(Removal of gel polish of another nail technician can cost you more)