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natuurlijke schoonheid

Massages and body-treatments

"Anyone who doesn't spend any time on his health every day, will have to sacrifice a lot of time one day"

Sebastian Kneipp

Abyhanga massage

Massage with a relaxing effect, it brings a physical and spiritual balance. The origins are from the ancient indian discipline Ayurveda. This is a soft massage which is done by using warm oil with essential oils. The movements are adapted to the body structure of the client.

80 min € 70,-

Mindfulness massage

Relaxing massage for the head and for the muscles. It starts with a short meditation. Oil and essential oils are used for this massage. Face massage only on request.

60 min € 50,-

Neck and back massage

The hard muscles are massaged with specific movements alternating relaxing movements. Specific oils help to relax the muscles. Sometimes mud is used to drain the toxins.

Massage 30 min € 30,-

Massage and mud 45 min € 40,-

Face-neck-head massage

The perfect massage for anyone who wants to "relax the mind".

30 min € 30,-

Head and neck massage

After a busy day, a short massage can regenerate.

20 min € 25,-

Legs massage for pregnant women

Maybe because of the child, maybe because of the fluid stagnation or the hormones, but the legs swell. With a draining massage and neautral oil (without essential oils) we help them staying light.

30 min € 30,-

Anticellulitis treatment for the legs

The osmotic mud, rich of essential oils makes the massage more effective. The elimination of fluids and the removal of waste from tissues, thanks to the seaweed contained in the mud. Essential oils carry out actions as drain, firm and tone. Good results are visible after the first 5 treatments.

45 min € 50,-

Treatment for swollen and heavy legs

Treatment with draining mud and a draining massage. The mud has peppermint essential oil which gives a light sensations to swollen and tired legs, instead the other ingredients as butcher's broom, horse chestnut and blueberry have beneficial effects on the structure of capillaries, increasing their resistance. This treatment is also for anyone who has varicose veins, in this case the massage is really soft.

45 min € 50,-

Flat abdomen treatment

Thanks to the massage, the mud and the specific oils, bloated feeling will be gone.

35 min € 40,-

Moisturizing body treatment

Intensive treatment that prepares the skin to recieve UV light of the sun, responsable for the dehydratation, thanks to the moisturizing mask massaged and the body milk (that activates the melanin synthesis). The same treatment is also perfect at the end of the summer, but with aloe vera added to the mask.

90 min € 95,-