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Massages for release contractions

Muscle and joint discomfort are problems that arise from a young age. The human body is not made for a sedentary life, but not even for being constantly under stress. In both cases, muscle pain and / or movement difficulties may arise as a cause of:

  • prolonged wrong posture
  • muscles kept under strain
  • sudden and clumsy movements
  • accidents, trauma, whiplash
  • overweight body
Obviously I have in mind the client's goal: to have no more harm.

The consequences of discomfort range from headaches to migraines, from having difficulty raising your arm to not being able to look over your shoulder, from having to stretch in the morning to warm up your back muscles to feeling tingling in your hand. And I could list many others.

Whatever prevents you from living normally, we can talk about it during a consultation and create a program that allows you to move normally within a few weeks and with lasting results over time.

The massages are personalised to each situation and based on these massage tecniques:

  • Connective massage
  • Trigger Point
  • Sportive massage
  • Chinese Bone Setting

With each treatment it is possible to improve each contraction and, some, to dissolve them completely. But this does not mean that with a session the problem is solved, especially if the area has been under tension for a long time. So the amount of treatments to be done is strictly subjective.

30 min € 31,-


"Help! I'm stuck, I just can't move!"

In case you have a muscle block because of inflammation that doesn't allow you to move, I have the right treatment for you! The massage with the application of hot mud with essential oils helps on the muscle level: it relaxes the contracted muscles and, consequently, drains the toxins responsible for blocking and calms the inflammation. This treatment will only take you 30 minutes for the small cost of € 30,-.

When the inflammation has passed, that is after 5-7 days, you can do the decontracting massage.

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