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Mindfulness massage


The term "mindfulness" refers to an individual who has self-awareness by paying attention to reality in the present moment in an objective, detached and non-judgmental way.

This practice can be done at any time, even when cooking, gardening, playing sports. As a beautician, I put it into practice during the massage at the service of the client, linking the fact that mindfulness practice leads to a state of relaxation, with the feeling you get after a relaxing massage.

But relaxation is not only aimed at the mental part of an individual, but also at that of the body, the perfect machine that accompanies us throughout our life, which without him we would not be able to move, taste food, enjoy the scents that nature gives us, etc ... This body is made up of muscles, which get stressed due to wrong movements, wrong posture, stress and end up creating pain and not working at their best.

It is well known that the muscles need to be massaged every now and then to get them back to work perfectly, but I find the sensation you get after a muscle has been dissolved wonderful and this also leads to mental relaxation: no more tense muscles + no more pain = psycho relaxation -physical of the individual.

From the Mindfulness massage, therefore, you can expect relaxing movements alternating with decontracting ones along the areas of the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms and legs. In case you don't like the abdomen massage, you can choose between face or head, the massage is versatile.

relaxing ● ● ● ●

strong movements ● ● ●

manual on the body ● ● ● ● ●

60 min € 53,-

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