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Membership Card

For beauty lovers we offer a Membership Card, which gives you the opportunity to receive discounts and promotions throughout the year.

How does the Membership Card work?

For just € 20,- per year, you can spare on the price of the treatments and cosmetic products that you will buy at the salon throughout the year. You will also receive a discount in a product or treatment every month.

What advantages does it offer you?

Throughout the year, up to and including December 31st, each treatment you will do will be discounted by 5%. The same goes for any cosmetic products you want to buy. You will also receive a promotion on a treatment or cosmetic product every month. But, in case you are not interested, you can pass it on to another person you know.

Can my family members also use the Membership Card?

For this we've made the Family Membership Card, which at a cost of € 40,- per year can be used by up to 4 people belonging to the same family. Also for this card, each treatment and cosmetic product is discounted by 5% and you will receive a promotion every month.