Beauty voor haar voor hem

natural beauty


Nails are a small but important part of our body and their health is just as important as skin health. We also speak with our hands and nails. They tell us who we are, our personality and lifestyle. Without them we could not feel things with the same tact.

But with the beauty techniques used they are mostly disfigured and we realize only afterwards that in order to have them beautiful we must continue creating a vicious circle. This is what I call the "trading system" because it is only done to make money spend.

The treatments listed below are performed with the utmost respect for the nail plate and the integrity of the skin that surrounds it, allowing us to "play" with our nails without them being affected. Nails should be treated gently. In fact, at my salon your nails are NOT filed and the cuticle is NOT trimmed.


Here you can download the pricelist: Manicure pricelist

Do you want to make an appointment? Make sure you come with bare nails, with no products made at another salon. Have a look to The salon's regulation page.


Nail shortening and removing of cuticles. But in the salon the cutter is NOT used to remove the cuticles and the nail plate is NOT thinned. This working method is the future in the aesthetic field. Several times I have heard clients on their first appointment at my salon complain about how their nails or skin around them (called Proximal Nail Fold) have been abused. If a treatment doesn't satisfy many people, it must be changed!

In the salon the cuticles are removed with the Curette, a pen-like metal instrument with rounded and hollow ends that resemble a spoon. In this way it is practically impossible to cut or irritate. First of all, the cuticle is softened with oil, then the end of the curette is gently passed until all the cuticle has been removed.

Strengthening nail treatment

This nail treatment is perfect for nails that break easily, flake, thin, grow slowly or have suffered trauma and don't grow as beautiful as they once did. After the first treatment the difference is already palpable: touching the nails you have the feeling that they are thicker and not weaker as before.

The treatment is not visible from the outside, this product does not remain on the surface of the nail plate, but penetrates to fill the spaces between the keratin fibers of which the nail is composed. That's how it makes it stronger. Then, on the nail, you can apply what you prefer: nail polish, gel, semi-permanent gel, etc ... Thanks to the nails treatment, whatever you decide to apply will have a longer duration.

The strengthening nail treatment is also suitable for those who have undergone a course of chemotherapy and have weak nails. If you are still following this treatment, you can ask your doctor if this nail treatment is also suitable for you.

Nails with Gel polish

The semi-permanent gel is a nail product that lasts longer than the classic nail polish, perfect for those who want to always have beautiful nails. The manufacturers promise 2 to 3 weeks of duration, but it depends a lot on the nail itself and the person's lifestyle.

There is the possibility of applying a semi-permanent base in addition to the one that is already applied. In its composition there is a part of gel that makes the semi-permanent one last a week longer. It is perfect for slowly growing and / or thin nails.

Nails with Gel

The gel is the perfect product for demanding nails (which ooze, often in water, which do heavy work) or to cope with a hectic lifestyle where there is not much time to go to the salon.

Each type of gel guarantees a stronger nail, but the gel used in our salon has been designed to guarantee a strong but at the same time flexible product. It contains IPN, an ingredient composed of many small molecules joined together like a chain and this is the secret of the flexibility of the product. Also, due to the fact that it is a long chain, IPN is a less allergic ingredient than the other ingredients contained in nail products and it can be removed with the use of acetone, it does not need to be removed with the use of the electric bur.