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Toenails and problems

Toenails are very affected by the fact that during the day they remain closed in shoes and the consequences can be different and unsightly to the point of compromising the quality of our life.

Ingrown toenail and bacterial infection

The most comon problem is the nail that becomes incarnate due to the wrong shoes or the anatomical shape of the nail itself that makes it too deep in the lateral groove that welcomes it. When walking, the nail stimulates the soft skin of the furrow, which becomes red, swells and causes pain.

If not taken in time, the skin breaks down with the risk of triggering a bacterial infection. So don't hesitate to contact me for assistance. This is a problem that remains only a memory within a few days.

A bacterial infection can also originate without the nail itself being the cause, but simply if the skin is injured and the symptoms that occur are the same: redness, swelling, pain.

Mycosis of the nail

Another problem that many people have on their toenails is mycosis (commonly called "fungus").

Unfortunately the environment that is created in the shoe (humid, dark and without the possibility of getting air) promotes the survival and multiplication of bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Fungal infections need persistence to be eliminated and require a medium-long period depending on the type of fungus (in the presence of a more aggressive fungus it is necessary to contact the general practitioner).

At the salon you can receive advice on the path to follow to eliminate this problem and it's possible to perform the analysis on a sample of the nail to be sure that it is a fungal infection for € 30,-

Strengthener nail treatment

Have you already had a fungal infection or trauma to the nail, but this hasn't looked good again? Maybe it is detached from the nail bed leaving an empty space underneath or the shape is irregular? The solution is the Strengthener Treatment, which fills the spaces between the keratin fibers of which the nail is made, making it stronger and contributing to healthy regrowth.


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