Beauty voor haar voor hem

natural beauty

Special offer!!

And here we are at the end of the summer holidays. The offers that I propose this month are various, some that have been repeated for years, others new.

Like every September, Lakshmi cosmetic products are discounted of 10%. Here I always recommend stocking them up, because organic bio-eco cosmetic products from a company that is always at the forefront in the cosmetic field, must never be missing for the daily care of our skin.

Contact me to order them.

The month of September is also the perfect time to begin the final elimination of our body hair. To receive all the information about it and some test shots, book the consultation.

And finally, let's not forget that after tanning our skin is drier and exfoliates faster. The Face and Body Moisturizing Treatment restores hydration, and also exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring shine to your skin.

Cheap Beauty

Pay in advance for at least 3 treatments and you get 10% discount.

* promotion cannot be combined with other promotions

* only for the same kind of treatments

* expiry date calculated as 1 month for every treatment + 2 extra months

Example: 5 sessions wax full leg, groin, armipits € 58,-

              ---> 58 x 5 = € 290,-  ---> 10% discount = € 261,-

              Empiry date after 7 months (5 months + 2 extra months)