Beauty voor haar voor hem

natural beauty

Workshop for you

Have you ever thought about DIY? During a treatment in the cabin, I often give many tips on how to make yourself beautiful.

For me, beauty is also made of the moment that everyone devotes himself to at home every day, as well as the treatments in the salon performed by the skilled hand of the professional.


But if no one teaches you, you will never know what is best to use on your skin, how and what to do. You can also search on the internet, watch videos, but you will always be in doubt if it is the solution to solve your problem, if you do it right and if you have bought the right products for you.


During the workshop you will not only learn a do-it-yourself treatment, but you will be able to expose all your doubts and learn about little secrets of the trade and how our body works.


Simple pedicure


The pedicure is one of those treatments that anyone can do for themselves, but sometimes it goes too far causing thickening of the skin or infections. With this workshop you will learn how to stay in that limit and why and your feet will always be well cared for.


During the workshop you will learn:

  1. how to cut nails
  2. how to care for areas of thickened skin
  3. which tools to use and how
  4. which cosmetic products are suitable for your feet and how to use them
  5. information about the pathologies and how to recognize them
  6. how to make a foot bath with scrub and mask
  7. analysis of any foot problems

50 min € 45,-


You will receive free foot cream.


Face treatment


After this workshop you will know all the secrets to keep the skin on your face radiant and hydrated. We will not only talk about products, but you will also use them on your face because practice is the best way to learn and remember and I will also teach you to do a self-massage.


During the workshop you will learn:

  1. cleansing
  2. when to use the scrub and mask
  3. how to choose face products
  4. the difference between facial cleansers
  5. the tonic
  6. difference between cream and oil
  7. when to use serum and ampoules
  8. self-massage
  9. analysis of his own skin

60 min € 55,-


You will receive the right face cream for you as a gift.