Beauty voor haar voor hem

natural beauty

The salon's regulation

  1. Don't come with other people.
  2. Please, don't use the mobile phone during the treatment.
  3. A discounted treatment or product cannot get an extra discount.
  4. A gift card or a treatment already previously paid is valid for 3 months from the moment it was issued.

  5. Come on time at the appointment. In case you are 10 minutes or more late, I can decide to cancel the appointment (see next point).
  6. The appointment canceled before 24 hours, late or no-show must be paid full price. If you come within 30 days to do the same treatment, you will pay the next appointment only half price.
  7. The discounted appointment (included free consultations) cancelled within 24 hours or no-show must be paid full price.
  8. During the nail treatment keep the hand on the table for don't come in contact with substances which can compromise the work.
  9. Under 18 years old cannot do Semipermanent gel and Gel on the nails. The nail unit is still changing due the natural growing.
  10. Cosmetic products ordered on behalf of a customer must be paid at the time of the order.

  11. I don't respond in case of:
  • irritations or allergic reactions caused from products bought in my salon used together with products not bought in my salon.
  • allergic reactions or irritations after the treatment if you don't use at home the products I suggest. I know the quality of the product I sell.
  • I don't get clear foto's of the problem.
  • I know you had a problem when it is already solved.